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Essential aid

Make a difference! Support essential aid by donating food and essentials. Your contribution can bring relief to those in need. Act now!


Be the change! Volunteer and make a difference in the lives of those in need. Your time and effort can bring hope and support. Join us today!


Make a lasting impact! Donate to help those in need. Your generosity can provide vital support and change lives. Give today!


Be a voice for change! Advocate for Opearms and help reach a larger audience. Together, we can make a difference. Join the movement now!

Our Mission

Open Arms is committed to providing a comprehensive professional social service. To be able to help so many people, not only to help but also to train so that they can help themselves.

To create different programs, such as:

  • Farming

  • Planting crops

  • Livestock Farming etc.

  • Restaurant to operate

  • Shop

  • To manufacture products

To have a technical team to do contractor work as well as maintenance work at all levels.

Our Goals


  • Buying land
  • Assisting people in relocating to better housing
  • Supporting individuals in starting farming ventures
  • Erecting as many food tunnels as possible
  • Promoting self-sufficiency for earning a salary
  • Providing quality education for children
  • Raising children in a peaceful, Christian environment
  • Empowering children with both immediate resources and future aspirations
  • Fostering God-fearing values to overcome life’s challenges and achieve success
  • Establishing a nursery school
  • Establishing a home for the elderly

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

The optimal social functioning of the individual, family, and community in honor of our Creator.

The social work and caring for the well-being of people who have difficulty caring for themselves.

The upliftment of people and children primarily as a family.

To empower people, to give them hope again to bring their human dignity back, mother to help people to be able to help themselves.

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